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First Thoughts, New Dreams

Posted by Ian Rowland on

First Thoughts, New Dreams

There is a lot of satisfaction to be found in having an idea and then translating it into reality.

The conversation from 'idea' to 'reality' can be difficult, and never seems to run as smoothly as it should. For me, this is part of the fun and the joy. I love solving problems! After all, if you never had any problems, you would never have the chance to show yourself, and the world, how absolutely brilliant you are at solving them!

I've dreamed of setting up a website and resource like this, The Cold Reading Connection, for many years. Now, at long last, it's here. My hope is that it will serve a few related purposes.

I hope I'll be able to pass along a lot of free, useful information for anyone who shares my interest in cold reading and related fields.

In addition, I hope that this site will help me to connect with many people who share my interests, and enable them to connect with one another. The aim is that we can share ideas, views, information and useful links (via my Blog).

Thirdly, I hope to sell some high-quality products and resources to those who want them.

I hope you will join me! This could be a lot of fun...