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Still Under Construction...

Posted by Ian Rowland on

Still Under Construction...

The last time I posted a Blog entry, my main news was that this site was under construction and I was building it as quickly as I can. This is still the case.

I am trying to add as much content as I can, a lot of it free and some of it available to buy. However, even with a feverishly diligent work ethic and rapid supersonic typing, it all takes time. The other main problem, of course, is that life keeps getting in the way. This week for example, three entire days were taken up with travelling halfway across the country for an important and un-missable family event, and then travelling back again. Then I had to write my latest monthly article for the Magic Circle's magazine, followed by another (different) article for MAGIC magazine. After getting all that out of the way, I could carry on creating what will be the next item for this site. I won't say what it is just yet.

Meanwhile, I'm delighted with the way the site is growing, and at the number of people who are getting in touch to say 'Hi', offer ideas and suggestions, make requests or to ask about my products and services. It's always a pleasure to hear from you!

- Ian

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