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Here are some people and services you may be interested in. Most have something to do with cold reading and related subjects, but some are just people I think are cool! They are all good people who are worth supporting.

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Richard Webster


My good friend Richard Webster is a wonderful authority on cold reading and related arts, as well as one of the nicest and most erudite people it's my privilege to know. He has written over a hundred books! You can look at all his titles on the site maintained by another good friend of mine, Doug Dyment: .

- - -

Gemma Bailey


Gemma is the only NLP teacher that I ever refer people to. She's great. She avoids some of the more 'questionable' aspects of NLP, and instead focuses on what's practical and useful to know. She's also an excellent teacher, as well as being a really nice person to know: .

- - -

Lee Warren


Lee is probably the most well-read person I know (I am firmly convinced he has read every book in the world) and one of my favourite conversationalists. He runs a company called Invisible Advantage which helps people and companies to improve their presentation and pitching skills, to increase their influence and develop new networking strategies. He is very good at what he does! .

- - -

Liam O'Neill


Liam is a first-class entertainer and mystifier. He combines martial arts, psychology and mentalism into an incredible and compelling series of demonstrations that will convince you he can defy the laws of physics, sense and reason. He's also a brilliant motivational speaker second to none. 'Limitation Is A Mirage' is the message, and he's the man to prove it! He's also just a great guy to know. .

- - -

Gary Turner


Gary is an expert hypnotherapist who has written an excellent book, 'No Worries', about overcoming anxiety issues. He is also the most ridiculously fit person I know, and is an expert on all aspects of fitness, health, exercise and nutrition. More importantly, he's a great guy who also wants to help and support others. .

- - -

Matt Kendall


Matt runs the meet-up group called 'Interesting Talks - London', which is quite possibly the most successful meet-up group ever devised. He's your man if you want to know how to take something you feel passionate about and make it into a viable business, as well as intelligent social and business networking. Also, a really genuine, helpful sort of guy to know. 

- - -

James Tripp


James is an internationally respected coach and teacher of self-mastery and influential communication. He developed the critically acclaimed 'Hypnosis Without Trance' approach to hypnosis. If you are looking to change something about the way you engage with life, or want to transform the kind of results you have been getting, you may well want to have a chat with James! See: .

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Laylah is an excellent graphic designer. She is very creative, produces great work, never misses a deadline and charges very competitive rates. I've worked with scores of graphic designers over the years. I think Laylah is excellent, definitely one of the best I've ever come across, and I highly recommend her services. Website: .

- - -

Anthony Jacquin


Anthony wrote 'Reality Is Plastic', which is simply essential reading for anyone interested in modern hypnosis. He also runs the Headhacking website and the annual Change Phenomena conference devoted to hypnosis in all its various forms. In addition, he's also one of the nicest, most helpful guys you'll ever meet!

- - -

Igor Ledohowski


Another giant in the field of hypnosis, Igor publishes a wealth of brilliant information and runs excellent training events all over the world. If you're new to his work, I suggest you start with Street Hypnosis (an entire course which you can download free of charge!) and take it from there. Igor is a brilliant, sharply focused thinker and teacher, and all of his work is worth studying in detail.

- - -

 - Ian