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  • One Hundred Quick Tricks

One Hundred Quick Tricks


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One Hundred Quick Tricks

Downloadable .pdf. Approximately 120 pages.

- - -

It Works Out To 18 cents / 14 pence per trick!

Ian Rowland has written a mentalism article in the Magic Circle magazine every month since April 2005. Every article ends with a Quick Trick -- a trick, routine, idea or principle that can be written up in about 300 - 400 words.

Here are 100 of these Quick Tricks. They will be of interest mainly to mentalists, mindreaders and psychic entertainers. Note: This is NOT a book for beginners. The contents assume a working knowledge of basic magic repertoire and terminology, especially in the areas of card magic and mentalism.

It works out to just 18 cents or 14 pence per trick!

The Quick Tricks are easy to read and fun to browse. The vast majority require NO special props or gimmicks, and NO sleight of hand or difficult moves either. A handful may require basic sleight of hand repertoire.

Although these may just be 'Quick Tricks', don't dismiss them! This booklet contains many gems that are worth knowing, and as you browse these ideas and effects you'll be sure to find at least a dozen ideas you'll want to try out at the earliest possibly opportunity.

- - -


It is not practical to print the entire table of contents here. However, this will give you a taste of what's between the covers. 

QT1: The Impromptu Short Card    12
QT2: Colm’s Calculation    13
QT3: Apple, Banana, Carrot    14
QT4: Divining Fluid    15
QT5: Photo Transfer    15
QT6: Matching Magic    16
QT7: Newspaper Test    17
QT8: The Card In The Picture    17
QT9: SAIIT    18
QT10: 37 Ashes     20

QT11: eBay Play    20
QT12: Easy MOAB    21
QT13: Hand-Made Business    22
QT14: Postcard Puzzler    22
QT15: Sneaky Sticky Note     23
QT16: Three Glasses    24
QT17: Three Glasses Revised    25
QT18: Keable Quickie    25
QT19: Finger Flame    26
QT20: Wardle Wonder    26

QT21: Twin Choice    27
QT22: Infallible Vase    29
QT23: Deeper Thought    29
QT24: Pinner Ploy    30
QT25: Sketch Happy    31
QT26: Astro Fakery    32
QT27: Coin Gem
QT28: Alpha Beat    33
QT29: Medium And Message    35
QT30: Random Chance    36

QT31: Sudoku Scam    37
QT32: Tarot Triple    38
QT33: Drew’s Divination    39
QT34: A Clue For You    40
QT35: Smooth Handling    41
QT36: Celebrity Party    41
QT37: Deep Freeze    43
QT38: Black Magic    44
QT39: Diction Fiction    45
QT40: SIRENT Twist    46

QT41: Cut And Look    47
QT42: Wardle Wubber    47
QT43: B’Waviation    49
QT44: Script Twist    50
QT45: YouTube Twist    50
QT46: Human Impression Device    52
QT47: The Circle Tells    52
QT48: Jazz Number    53
QT49: Barrier Tweak    54
QT50: The Mailed Prediction    55

QT51: Multi FX    57
QT52: Magician Fool    60
QT53: Bizarre Bar Code    60
QT54: Phobia Fade    62
QT55: The Real Point
QT56: Tarot Heat    65
QT57: Stroop Twist    66
QT58: Card To Anywhere    67
QT59: Watch Warp    68
QT60: Cerebral Calculation    70

QT61: The Mysterious Four     70
QT62: Magazine Miracle    72
QT63: Nail Nuance    74
QT64: Morphic Mystery    75
QT65: Nine Novelty    77
QT66: Force Finesse    78
QT67: Mulcahy Force Renewed    79
QT68: Perplexing Paperclips    80
QT69: Psychology Survey    81
QT70: METAL Mentalism    83

QT71: The Copier Con    85
QT72: Miracle Or Lecture    86
QT73: Thought Distortion    88
QT74: Quarter Master    89
QT75: Twist In The Cube

...and 25 more

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  1. Very good idea book 4 Star Review

    Posted by on 28th Sep 2015

    If you are looking for a bunch of polished routines, ready to put to work in your performances, this is not the book for you. However, the description makes that pretty clear.

    Many of these items are not suitable for formal presentations and several do use a secret assistant. That is just fair warning.

    What is this book, then? It is a collection of ideas and potential inspiration for anyone who enjoys mental routines. Quite a few ideas are variations on established methods and known tricks. Sometimes a single sentence is enough to get me thinking in a new direction. There are a lot of ideas in here to get anyone thinking differently.

    At least half a dozen items in here could be made up commercially and sell for more than the cost of the e-book. I do intend to spend some time on arts and crafts after reading it. The fact that they are not commercially available means I'll be the only one doing them! Unless someone else buys this...

    Bottom line: It is well worth the money I spent on it.

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