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Super Psychic Readings: How To Give ANY 'Psychic' Reading You Want


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Super Psychic Readings: How To Give Any 'Psychic' Reading You Want

Please read this description in full, including the terms and conditions at the end.

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When you place your order, the system will either take you to a download page or send you an email with a download link.

You will be able to download a .pdf file, which is your ticket to this course. Any problems, just contact me: .

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Sunday, January 26th, 2018. 10.30am - 5pm.

Venue is in central London, WC2 area. Specific details will be sent to the email address you use when you sign up, about two weeks before the course.

- - -


The fee is £145 before Monday Feb 5th. After that it goes up to £170.

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This is NOT the same as the separate ACR (Applied Cold Reading) course, which takes place the day before.

You can sign up for one or the other, or for both, but they are separate and different.

In this special course I will demonstrate and explain my system for giving short, informal readings to anyone, anywhere.

I will demonstrate how to give 'psychic' readings based on character, personality and events (past, present and future) in the life of a complete stranger.

I will demonstrate various forms of readings: astrology, palm, graphology, tarot (or any other cards) and even spiritualism (talking to dead people).

I will then explain and teach the complete system, which enables you to give any kind of reading you want, to anyone, anywhere. There will be ample time for you to practise during the lecture.

You do NOT need any special knowledge or training (I have never had any).

- - -


For over 30 years, in my travels all over the world, I have enjoyed giving 'psychic' readings to complete strangers. I have read palms, handwriting and tarot cards. I have given astrological readings and also relayed messages from beyond the grave.

Some of these readings have been primarily about personality and character. Others have been mainly about facts and events: past, present and future.

Almost all the readings I've given have been free, because this has never been my job. However, I could have charged money if I had wanted to.

In this course, I will demonstrate all of these various styles of readings and then teach my own system (called 'The TORAT System'). This does not require any specialised knowledge or training. It is not a 'trigger' or 'association' system and it does not rely on learning lots of stock lines. Just for the record, it doesn't require any psychic ability either.

My aim is to give you everything you need to be able to give any kind of reading you want, to anyone, anywhere.

I will also address the ethics of cold reading, a subject that I believe is usually discussed in a very misleading way.

My system does not require you to remember anything other than the general principles I will demonstrate and teach.

- - -


This course is for anyone who wants to be able to give 'psychic'-style readings to complete strangers on an impromptu, informal basis.

It is for people who want to present and provide ethical, responsible and benign entertainment, and to provide people with delightful, intriguing and positive experiences.

The course will also be of interest to anyone with a strong interest in the psychology of communication and persuasion.

If you already give readings, you will pick up new ideas and approaches. Some experienced readers who have already been on the course have said they thoroughly enjoyed it.

If you are new to giving readings, this is the best possible introduction to the art and practice of giving readings to people.

- - -


You will learn how to give literally any kind of reading you want, although the main styles I will discuss are palm, handwriting, tarot, astrology and spiritualism.

You will learn one system, the TORAT system, that enables you to deliver any type of reading to anyone, without prior knowledge or preparation.

You will learn about the ethics of cold reading, and how to make sure that what you're doing is always ethically sound, responsible, benign and positive.

Everyone who attends will have the opportunity to practise the techniques that I describe. You will have many opportunities to practice using my system, but of course all participation is voluntary.

I do not say that I can make you an expert reader in one day. However, I can teach you everything you need to know to get started. After that, your degree of expertise will depend on your natural aptitude plus practice and experience.

- - -


The only way to learn my system is to attend this course in person.

The course material will NOT be supplied in any other form (notes, DVD etc.).

Those who attend will see what sort of documentation I provide, and why it's only useful if you attend in person.

- - -


I cannot make the material in this course available in any other form. There will not be a video, DVD, book or anything else. Why not? Because of piracy, file sharing and torrent sites. If I created a DVD, within 24 hours it would be on a torrent site somewhere with people helping themselves to my intellectual property, and 30 years of experience, without one penny of revenue for me. Sorry, no, I can't make it available in any other form.

- - -


You will not be able to attend this event unless you have paid in advance. You CANNOT pay 'on the day' or leave it until the last minute.

Places are strictly limited and are likely to sell out very quickly, based on the level of interest I've had so far.

- - -


1. Your fee does not cover accommodation or meals, although light refreshments are provided.

2. There are no refunds unless I cancel the class or training event you have signed up for. In the event of cancellation, I will refund your fee. I will not re-imburse you for travel, accommodation or any other costs.

3. You cannot transfer from the class or training event you have paid for to another one.

4. You can make handwritten notes during the class or training event, but you cannot use a laptop or any device with a keyboard. You may not use any audio or video recording device.

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