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These are all genuine testimonials from my clients around the world.

- - -

"I regard Ian as a first-rate trainer and consultant. He has amazing material, he always delivers and he’s great to work with."

 — A. Sanghi
Lead Economist and Program Leader
The World Bank Group, Kenya

- - -

"Ian is the best speaker and trainer I’ve ever seen, and he hosted our day perfectly. We learned a lot, he was entertaining and I know we'll be more successful this year thanks to what he shared with us."

— D. Holmes
Financial Director
Healthcare Learning (leaders in professional healthcare education), UK

- - -

“For me, studying ACR with Ian was a unique opportunity to obtain one-of-a-kind training. Ian combines brilliance with teaching talent to share practical rapport skills simply unavailable elsewhere. What’s more, Ian makes the experience fun. We are all inundated with transient information, but ACR is a business/life skill that will always be useful. I also enjoyed studying the Practical Persuasion Method with Ian, which is an interesting new perspective and very useful to know.

Christopher S., Attorney, USA”

- - -

"If you want to build a successful business, and especially if you’re interested in developing a passive income, I strongly recommend you book some time with Ian Rowland. I work for myself and I had a lot of questions about where to go next, especially with regard to e-commerce, so I booked a session with Ian. It was worth every penny. I could have spent ten years trying to find all the advice, answers and information I got from Ian in just one afternoon. Highly recommended!"

— P. Bryant, Hypnotherapist, UK

- - -

"I make it my business to learn from experts in their field. I spent four days with Ian and we covered a range of skills that I know will help me both personally and professionally — particularly inter-personal skills and ways to establish instant rapport with people. Quite honestly, I thoroughly enjoyed myself. We laughed a lot, talked a lot, and I learned a great deal. I’m going to book some more days with Ian as soon as I can get back to London. I think he’s terrific — and if nothing else, you must get Ian to teach you his ‘Ten Second Smile’ and ‘Instant Expert’ techniques!"

— Sam Q., Entrepreneur, Saudi Arabia

- - -

"I really enjoyed my session with Ian. He opened my mind to new possibilities and gave me a more positive outook. Whether you want guidance on mentalism, getting into the corporate market, building your own business or whatever, Ian has a lot of good advice to offer."

— M. Geddert, Germany

- - -

"I’ve run my own business as an Independent Financial Advisor for 20 years. I’ve read many books and attended many courses from the best in the business, because I feel it’s important to improve your communication and inter-personal skills if you want to be successful.

By studying or working with people like Dale Carnegie, Anthony Robbins, Jim Rohn, Zig Ziglar and Brian Tracy, I’ve been able to grow my business dramatically and also boost my earnings.

I now include Ian Rowland on that list. Having attended one of his fantastic courses, and invested in some personal tuition and coaching sessions with Ian, I can say in all honesty that he has helped me take my business to another level.

Ian’s unique skills and knowledge when it comes to positive persuasion and understanding what makes people tick will prove invaluable in both your personal and business life. I cannot recommend him highly enough. Funny, engaging and a leader in his field, Ian is also a great person to spend time with. If you need to discover your ‘Eureka!’ moments then speak to Ian. Trust me when I say you won't be disappointed.

Ian has my permission to give my details to anyone who wants to contact me to discuss what I’ve learned from Ian, and why I think he’s such a great teacher. This is a sincere testimonial, and there’s no profit or commission for me. I’m just calling it as I see it."

— Mike LeGassick
Leading Independent Financial Advisor, UK

- - -

"I took the ACR Masterclass via Skype and without doubt it’s my best investment this year! Ian is an excellent teacher and working with him is very enjoyable. In addition, Ian is incredibly generous with his knowledge in many adjacent fields. I work as a teacher, trainer, counsellor and university lecturer. Every day I am in contact with many different people: students, colleagues and parents. Ian’s ACR-training helps me tremendously. Among other benefits, I know how to develop strong rapport in any meeting, more quickly than I ever thought possible."

— Patrick Ehrich, Senior Teacher and Educational Trainer, Germany

- - -

"Ian is amazing. I was facing some important professional exams and I was worried that my terrible memory would let me down. Well, Ian changed all that! He showed me that my mind can remember facts and figures or anything with perfect recall! It was a really eye-opening experience! I’ll be booking another session with Ian to cover some of the other skills he teaches."

— Morgan B., Data and I.T. Manager, UK

- - -