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The Joy Of Content

Posted by Ian Rowland on

The Joy Of Content

At the moment I am building 'The Cold Reading Connection' as quickly as I can.The picture above gives you a pretty good idea of what my desk looks like while this work continues.

My main focus at this stage is to create plenty of content for the site, particularly free content that I hope people will enjoy and maybe get some benefit from. When I was thinking about content I could add to the site, I remembered something I write a while ago called 'Mind Twists'.

'Mind Twists' was originally the title of a talk I gave for the 'Interesting Talks' meet-up group run by my friend Matt Kendall. The talk was based on two questions and a story. The first question was, 'How can we be more persuasive?', and the second question was, 'How can we be happy?'. The story, which I saved to the end, was about my journey from being a nine-to-five wage slave, feeling my life ebb away in a perfect storm of boredom and futility, to doing my own thing, working for myself, travelling the world and having a great deal of fun.

After I'd given the talk, which seemed to go quite well, I re-created it as a free download in pdf form. I stashed this on my personal website,, and waited to see if anyone would download it or like it. After a couple of years, the number of downloads had reached the 2000 mark. Not enough to set any records for outstanding popularity, but rather remarkable given that I had confidently expected the total to be a big, fat zero.

I was also very pleasantly surprised by some of the nice things people said about it. Journalist Paul French described it as 'the greatest speech you've never read', which was very flattering indeed!

I took 'Mind Twists' off my personal website during the last major overhaul, but now I've made it available again here on The Cold Reading Connection. I hope some of you will enjoy it!

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