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  • Elsdon Rowland Joint Lecture

The Meeting Of MINDS: Elsdon/Rowland Lecture


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The Meeting Of MINDS! Elsdon / Rowland Lecture / Newcastle / June 29th 2018

Mark Elsdon and Ian Rowland... together at last! This will be a special two hour lecture created especially for the Friday afternoon before MINDS.

Mark and Ian have never combined forces before -- you willl learn a lot of GREAT material and have a lot of fun at the same time!

The lecture will take place on Friday June 29th and runs from 2pm to 4pm. See it as a ‘warm up’ event for MINDS itself!

The venue is in central Newcastle, very close to the railway station (details will be sent to all who sign up).

Mark and Ian are organising this lecture by agreement with Michael Murray. We're working together, but keeping the organisation separate just because it's easier. MINDS is the best mentalism convention in the world:

- - -

Mark and Ian are working hard to guarantee you get plenty of value for money. Here’s what you will get in this unique, one-of-a-kind lecture:

(1) Themes

The lecture will not be going overboard with tedious 'theory' sections. However, Mark and Ian will be focusing on three important and interesting themes:

- Creativity in Mentalism. Mark and Ian will explain simple ways to inject more creativity and originality into your work, and generate fresh ideas. They will illustrate the point with examples from their own published and unpublished work. Mark will introduce you to a brand new, free tool that will immediately increase your creative output! To prove its value he will then fool you with (and teach you!) an incredible piece of mentalism that he created with that tool in less than two minutes!

- Magic as Metaphor. Mark and Ian may be very different performers, but one thing they have in common is a passion for the idea of 'magic (or, in this case, mentalism) as metaphor'. It's the difference between, ''Mm, yeah, nice trick' and effects that really connect with people, have meaning for audiences and create a lasting reputation. Mark and Ian's extensive use of stories and metaphor in their own material puts them in a perfect position to distil years’ worth of research into a handful of ‘golden rules’ that you will be able to apply immediately.

- Making Money. We know you're not fixated on money... but more is always better than less, right? Between them, Mark and Ian have worked in almost every arena you can think of, from private parties and weddings to major corporate events. They have also both been involved as performers and consultants on TV shows around the world. How do you make more money from mentalism, get the big gigs and get paid what you're worth? Mark and Ian will show you that developing multiple income streams is the true path to professional and creative freedom.

- - -

(2) Effects

We know that YOU know the importance of theory, tools and presentations but don't worry... you'll also get plenty of brand new tricks and ideas to fool both your audiences and MINDS delegates that aren’t in attendance!

Mark and Ian will perform and explain some astonishing new material that you’ll be itching to perform, focusing in particular on two key areas: impromptu mentalism (you’ll love finding out what they both ALWAYS carry in their wallets!) and spectator-as-mentalist effects – material than puts the spotlight on the participants as much as the performer. Best of all, NONE of this material was created just for this lecture; rather all of it has been tempered over many, many performances in the cauldron of real-world gigs.

- - -

(3) Lecture Notes

You will receive a new set of lecture notes, created specifically for this new, joint lecture! This is a new publication and it's included in the price -- no extra fee! Mark and Ian will not be making this booklet available separately or selling it at any point after the lecture. It's available exclusively at this combined lecture.

- - -

The fee is just £45 and places are strictly limited.

You cannot book a place for this lecture via Michael Murray or MindFx. You can only book your place here on the Cold Reading Connection website.

Mark and Ian look forward to seeing you there! Any questions? Please contact me:  .

- - -

A Bit About Mark Elsdon...

Mark Elsdon has been performing magic and mentalism professionally for 28 years. He has authored a dozen books and many, many more single-release tricks and has been a popular lecturer throughout Europe and the USA for the last 20 years. He focuses his creativity on devising powerful and memorable material that is designed to end up in your repertoire, not in your junk drawer. For the last few years he has also been writing magic and entertainment shows for a variety of TV networks worldwide.

Mark’s bestselling tricks and books include: Chaos and Order, Before I Forget, Bring Me The Head, Zenner-Tech, Rubik Remembered, In The Frame, iBalance, But Not Here, Worker’s Diary, SpyPad, Conversation As Mentalism, The Last Word, Mentalism Reveals, On The Mark, B’Voque, Covert Adaptions, Guaranteed Jackpot and more!

- - -

"Mark Elsdon is a renaissance man in magic. He is equally adept at inventing, performing, creating, and theorizing about magic. And, he's one of my favorite guys to watch." - Joshua Jay

"Mark Elsdon is on a very short list of magic and mentalism's most creative innovators." - Bill Abbott

"Mark constantly finds unique and practical solutions to creating astonishing magic. The man's brain is a goldmine of quality ideas and material." - Colin Cloud

"Mark is one of the most creative magicians or mentalists I know, with a depth of knowledge and an inherent understanding of what can turn a simple trick into a powerful mind-**** for laymen." - Quentin Reynolds

"Mark is a fantastic performer. His effects are clear of clutter or too much process. He creates some of the best commercial effects I've seen." - Marc Spelmann

- - -

A Bit About Ian Rowland...

Ian has performed and lectured four times at the Blackpool Magic Convention, six times at 'MAGIC LIVE!' in Las Vegas and three times at the Magic Circle. He has just recently returned from performing and lecturing at the 'Masters of Magic' convention in Italy. His Penguin Magic lecture is one of the most successful mentalism lectures ever, with over seventy 5 star ratings.He wrote 'The Full Facts Book of Cold Reading', and has published over 200 articles on mentalism in The Magic Circular and MAGIC magazines. He has been a consultant on TV shows for Derren Brown, Uri Geller and Ben Earl. As a corporate speaker and trainer his clients include the FBI, the British Olympics team, the Ministry of Defence, Google, Coca-Cola, Marks & Spencer, Unilever and the Crown Estate.

- - -

"Ian Rowland has got his own franchise on modern, sophisticated mental magic. Best of all, he's smart, and he treats his audience as if they're smart, too." -- Jim Steinmeyer

"Of all the people I have met in mentalism Ian is in my opinion one of THE finest thinkers. His attention to detail is always staggering." - Marc Paul

“Anyone who has seen Ian perform, knows how charming and smart he is! But what I really enjoy even more, is Ian's lectures and his writing. Ian's creativity inspires me to become a more thoughtful performer.” -- Jeff McBride

"What impresses me most about Ian is his ability to really digest a subject, dissect it into very simple straightforward rules, and then again do the reverse so when he performs, his presentations seem flawless and direct yet logical." -- Banachek

“Ian has a great mind. I use some of his ideas in my show. He shares a lot of great material.” -- Lior Manor

- - -

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