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What is Applied Cold Reading (ACR)?

Applied Cold Reading (ACR) means taking some cold reading techniques and applying them to contexts such as sales, management, negotiation, teaching, therapy and so on. In other words, every context under the sun except giving personal readings.

The formal definition goes like this:
"ACR is a set of strategies, to do with the psychology of communication, that enable you to influence what another person thinks, feels or believes."

I've been teaching ACR since 2008, and my students have come from all over the world and from just about every walk of life you can think of.

Here's a simple, informal way to think about ACR. 

Consider what happens when someone goes to see a tarot card reader. If the reader is any good, then within about 40 seconds she will manage to do all of the following:

  • make the client feel welcome, and at ease
  • make the client feel valued and important
  • established some credibility (in the eyes of the client) by making a few correct statements
  • established her role, i.e. how she wants to be perceived
  • identified with the client’s situation, problems, cares etc.
  • started to create an atmosphere of trust and co-operation i.e. good rapport
  • created a positive tone, offering some comfort and hope

ACR is about learning how to do all these things and more, just as quickly, in business and professional situations. I believe it's the fastest, surest way to establish good rapport with prospects, clients and customers, and when used correctly it works almost like magic.

There are other modules within ACR, such as how to answer questions even if you don't actually know the answer, but they are subsidiary to the main purpose, as explained above.

A while ago I created a separate website all about this subject, if you're interested: .

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