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What Is Cold Reading?

On this site, 'cold reading' means giving someone a personal reading without any prior knowledge or information. (The alternative would be 'hot reading', which involves advance information.)

The props may vary. Readers may base their readings on the palm of your hand, tarot cards, a crystal ball, runes, star signs, a sample of handwriting and so on. 

The presentation may also vary. The reader might say the reading is psychic, psychological, emotional, spiritual, psycho-analytical or psychometric in nature. Also, some readings are presented in the context of a mentalist performance.

However, the basic idea is always the same: the reader meets a client who is a complete stranger, and delivers a personal reading of some kind that may cover personality, life events, destiny, good advice and other elements.

On this website, to say someone is a cold reader is not a comment on whether they are, or are not, psychic. It simply means giving a reading without prior knowledge or information.

Some cold reading techniques can be applied to other contexts outside the psychic industry, such as sales, management, teaching and therapy. I call this 'Applied Cold Reading' or ACR for short.

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