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What Is The Cold Reading Connection?

The main idea behind The Cold Reading Connection is precisely what it says: connection.

I want to help people with an interest in cold reading and related fields to connect with one another.

I want to explore how cold reading connects with a range of other subjects, such as communication skills, persuasion, counselling and entertainment.

I also want to explore how cold reading, in many ways, connects with people’s personal, social and professional lives.

This is why I hope you will sign up for the website Newsletter -- it's the best way for me to stay connected with you.

I know that you are wary about signing up for things, but I won’t send you any spam or pass your details to anyone else. The Newsletter is my way to:

  • give you a lot of free information about cold reading and related subjects
  • let you know about genuine discount offers from other people that are worth knowing about
  • help you to connect with one another

It’s true that I sometimes also tell you about new items I’m offering for sale, and I’m not trying to hide the fact. But this is only one, small part of what the Newsletter is all about.

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