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"Win-Win" Content Marketing


"Win-win" content marketing is a great way for us both to build our mailing lists -- and I do most of the work!

There are just six steps.

1. You have a website or group with a significant mailing list. I discuss with you the sort of products that would appeal to your list.

2. I create two products (downloadable booklets). One is free, the other is priced. These booklets contain good, interesting content. They both mention you, saying how great you are and why people should be interested in your work. You review both products before we go any further.

3. I put these products on my website. The free item is free. The priced item has a very high price on it, but with a note explaining that people who sign up to your list get a discount code that converts the price to something far more reasonable.

4. You introduce me to your list via a special email announcement, video, Skype interview, podcast or whatever. You tell your people about me and the two special products that have been created specifically for them. You explain how to get these from my site -- including the special discount code.

5. Meanwhile, I promote you and your work to my list.

6. After three months, I give both products to you. You can sell them, turn them into back-of-the-room sales items or do whatever else you want with them.

Why is this system remarkably effective? There's one main reason, one big secret.

Most marketing systems and cross-promotion schemes do not involve creating any new content or new value. It's just 'I promote you, you promote me'. This is because most people in marketing either can't create new content or think it's more time and trouble than it's worth. So there's nothing new for people to get interested in, nothing new to focus on or get excited about, nothing new to read and enjoy.

This system involves the creation of new content and new value. I happen to be quite good at this, only because I've been doing it for over 25 years. I can write and lay out a new booklet in a week, and for me it's more like fun than work.

That's why this system works so well.

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That's all there is to it! Interested? Let's discuss it further: .

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